Image Transfer: Part 1

Hello! Today is all about transfers! In today's lesson, you'll learn how to transfer an image using soft gel medium. I prefer the Golden brand because I find that it gives me the best results. I've also included a video from my YouTube channel that I made a while back to give you a little more inspiration! Watch that video first to hear the instruction and tips, which will help you with the transfer process (Part 1). Then watch the second video to see another example (Part 2). It can be kind of hit-or-miss with transfers, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Use Golden soft gel medium (other brands have given me mixed results--comment if you've found one you like!)
  • Make sure the surface is dry, then apply a generous amount of gel medium to the surface (journal, canvas, etc)
  • Place your image face down and make sure there's enough gel medium for the entire image
  • Smooth out any bubbles & bumps with an old gift card and/or your hands
  • Let dry about 10 minutes or until the paper is no longer cool to the touch
  • Apply a baby wipe or damp rag to the back of the image to lightly wet the paper
  • Test a corner to see if the image is ready--gently rub the wet paper away from the surface
  • If the image is ready, the paper will start to peel away but the image will remail
  • If the image starts to lift, it's not dry enough. Let dry longer and then wet and rub the paper away
  • To get a crisper, brighter image, place your transfer onto a lighter background OR add some white or light color acrylic paint to the surface of your busy background to help the transfer pop out
  • Remember that transfers are not supposed to look "perfect", so if your image looks a little distressed and vintage, you're on the right track!
  • Experiment, take notes and keep trying!